What are skid mounted slurry pumps?

Posted by angroup on November 10, 2023
Skid mounted slurry pumps

Skid mounted slurry pumps are a versatile type of pumping system used to transport abrasive and high concentration slurries efficiently in various industrial applications. In this article, we will discuss what skid mounted slurry pumps are, their components, how they work, their benefits, and common applications.

Skid mounted slurry pumps Introduction

A slurry is a mixture of solids suspended in liquid, often water. Slurries have high concentrations of abrasive solids like sand, gravel, coal or minerals. Pumping them requires robust pumps that can handle wear and tear. Skid mounted slurry pumps are designed for such tough applications.

As the name suggests, skid mounted slurry pumps are pumping systems mounted on a skid or frame. The skid provides a pre-assembled, self-contained pumping package that can be installed as a single unit. This simplifies installation and relocation. Skid mounted units can be fitted on trailers for mobility.

Skid mounted slurry pumps Components

A skid mounted slurry pumping system consists of several components:

Slurry pump - This is the heart of the system. Different types of pumps like centrifugal pumps are used based on the slurry properties and flow rate required.

Drivers - Slurry pumps need high horsepower motors to generate pressure to pump abrasive slurries. Electric motors, diesel engines or hydraulic drives can power the pump.

Piping - Suction and delivery pipes, valves and fittings to direct the flow. Pipes have flanged connections for easy assembly.

Instrumentation- Flow meters, pressure gauges and other sensors to monitor the system.

Controls - Control panel with switches, transmitters, variable frequency drives to control and protect the pump.

Frame - A rugged steel skid holds all the components in place. It has provisions for lifting and moving the unit with slings or forklifts.

Skid mounted mining slurry pump

Skid mounted slurry pumps working

The operation of skid mounted slurry pumps is straightforward:

  1. Suction pipes draw slurry into the pump inlet. Strainers prevent large solids from entering the pump.
  2. The pump impeller or screw rotates, generating pressure to push the slurry. Centrifugal pumps spin at high speeds while progressive cavity pumps rely on rotating screws.
  3. Slurry flows through the discharge pipe at the required pressure. Flow rates can reach up to 3000 gpm depending on pump size.
  4. Instruments monitor the flow and power draw. Automated controls like variable frequency drives regulate pump speed to maintain flow rates.
  5. The system continues pumping slurry until shutdown. Units run continuously in most applications.

Skid mounted slurry pumps benefits

Skid mounted slurry pumps provide several benefits that make them a popular choice:

  • Mobility - The skid allows easy installation near the slurry source and relocation as needed. Trailer mounted units enable quick transportation.
  • Self-contained system - All components pre-mounted and piped simplifies installation work at site. Reduces time and costs.
  • Customization - Pump, drivers, piping and controls can be selected to suit each application. Flow rates, heads and slurry properties decide the configuration.
  • Rugged construction - Heavy duty skids, pumps, valves and pipes withstand harsh conditions and last long even with abrasive slurries.
  • Reliability - Preferred for round the clock pumping with minimum downtime. Control systems prevent problems.
  • Maintenance access - Open layout allows access for maintenance and repairs. Components can be removed easily when required.
  • Lower installation cost - No foundations needed. Just level ground or trailers to place the skid. Quick installation and start up.

Common Applications

Skid mounted slurry pumps are extensively used in various industries to pump abrasive slurries:

  • Mining - Used to pump tailings, mine water, minerals and other mining slurries. Help dewater mines, reclaim water, transfer tailing to ponds.
  • Dredging - Dredge slurries containing mud, silt and debris from ports, lakes and other waters.
  • Oil Sands - Pump bitumen froth and tailings mixture during oil sands extraction.
  • Power - Pump coal slurries and ash in coal fired power plants. Used in fly ash handling.
  • Aggregates - Pump quarry waste, gravel slurries from aggregate washing plants.
  • Chemicals - Transfer corrosive chemical slurries in fertilizer, processing and effluent plants.


Skid mounted slurry pumps provide an efficient and low maintenance solution for handling large volumes of abrasive slurries. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for the toughest industrial applications. Customization also allows pumping systems to be tailored to each installation. With their mobility, fast installation and reliability, skid mounted slurry pumps will continue to be the go-to choice for critical slurry pumping duties.

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