Useful information on sea water pump

Posted by angroup on October 21, 2022

Sea water pump overview

The sea water pump or seawater pump is a centrifugal pump for conveying or circulating cooling sea water or salt water, also called salt water pump, cooling pump, or circulating pump, made of sea water resistant material.

Seawater pump material

Seawater is corrosive, in order to resist the corrosion of seawater. Seawater pumps are mainly made of seawater-resistant materials, usually stainless steel, bronze (an alloy based on copper and tin), or other corrosion-resistant materials.
Under normal circumstances, the shell, pump cover, and impeller of the seawater pump are all bronze or stainless steel, and the pump shaft is made of stainless steel. Bronze is a cost-effective alternative, as seawater pumps made of stainless steel are generally more expensive. Sometimes, to save cost, the pump casing and cover can be made of cast iron.

How does the booster pump work?

The basic component of the seawater pump is the impeller. The seawater pump follows the working principle of the traditional centrifugal pump. The impeller is connected to the motor or diesel engine through the drive shaft and rotates at high speed. The seawater enters the impeller's eye, and the rotating motion of the impeller makes the seawater pressurize and accelerate through the impeller blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, it is discharged into the pump casing along its circumference. There are two styles of pump casings for directing pressurized water out of the pump: volute and diffuser. The diffuser design is more efficient, while the volute design is better for channeling seawater containing solids

Sea water pump application
A seawater pump is a device that transfers or circulates salt water and has a wide range of uses.

  1. Used in water cooling system to circulate sea water inside the machine, cooling equipment to maintain efficiency
  2. Desalination, which is the process of removing minerals and salts from seawater
  3. As a marine pump, bilge dewatering, high-pressure deck cleaning, fire fighting

Common seawater pumps made by An Pump Machinery

Bronze in-line seawater pump


Bronze split case sea water pump

Stainless steel multistage sea water pump

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