The Ultimate Slurry Pump Maintenance Guide

Posted by angroup on October 20, 2022

Like most other machines, slurry pumps require regular maintenance to function properly. Without proper maintenance, centrifugal slurry pumps are likely to fail, leading to unplanned repairs and ultimately higher total operating costs. Is your mining slurry pump in good condition? I often go to the customer site and see various situations. I have some experience in pump maintenance. I will share it with you today, hoping to help you.

mining slurry pump

01 Keep the centrifugal slurry pump clean, dry, and free of oil and leaks.

02 Check the oil, but only if the pump is not running

Many pumps require oil to lubricate them you need to check to make sure there is no water in the oil. Water can cause motor or bearing failure. Sometimes the seal will leak, so a small amount of water is fine. However, if the oil is milky, it means there is too much water. Regular oil changes will extend the life of the pump if your seals work properly

03 Check the belt

If your slurry pump is belt driven, check the tension at least quarterly. A belt that is too tight can cause damage to the motor bearing temperature, and a belt that is too loose can cause performance degradation and slippage, which can cause damage to the pulleys

04 Check bearings for sudden spikes or drops in temperature.

Our horizontal and cantilever pumps require weekly bearing temperature checks while the pump is running. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the housing closest to the bearing. Bearing temperature can be a sign of excessive lubrication or the beginning of bearing failure

05 Check impeller clearance

Check the impeller clearance for optimum performance, and watch out for excessive wear on the impeller and other wetted parts. Wear on wetted parts can lead to increased clearances, resulting in reduced performance.

06 Check the stuffing box and adjust as needed.

07 Check that the pressure and flow of the shaft seal water and cooling water are appropriate

08 Check whether there is abnormal sound, vibration or leakage during pump operation, and deal with the problem in time

09 Check that the pump and motor are aligned

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