Slurry Pumps vs. Water Pumps

Posted by angroup on September 20, 2022
centrifugal slurry pump

Many customers are asking how to choose a slurry pump and a water pump in different situations, In this article I will talk about what is the difference between a slurry pump and a clear water pump. The pumps talked about here are centrifugal pumps.

As the name implies, slurry pumps and water pumps pump different media. Everyone knows about water. Next, we will mainly introduce the slurry.

What is "slurry"?

A slurry is any mixture of fluid and fine solid particles. The slurry is common in the mining industry, such as tailings coal slurry, iron ore slurry, etc. The slurry is usually abrasive and/or corrosive.

Difference between the slurry pump and water pump

A slurry pump and a water pump are not the same things, each has a different purpose and they are not interchangeable systems

Slurry pumps are specially manufactured to handle these abrasive and/or corrosive slurries with replaceable, durable, and robust pump parts

Water pumps do not have the ability to efficiently pump solid or slurried particles, nor can they withstand the highly abrasive and corrosive nature of slurries.

Compared to the cramped and often inexpensive components of the water pump, the large replaceable slurry pump parts are made of specialized materials (such as high chrome alloys, ceramics, rubber, etc.) These components allow the pump to efficiently and safely move virtually any type of slurry in of solid particles

Three common slurry pumps

Horizontal slurry pump: The horizontal slurry pump is always installed on the ground. It is the most common type of slurry pump in different applications. Suitable for electric motor or diesel engine drives


Vertical slurry pump: The vertical slurry pump is designed in some half-dry situations like sump and pool, its pump body is always underwater while the engine is above


Submersible slurry pump: The whole submersible slurry pump system work underwater, operating directly in the slurries, with no additional support superstructure


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