Slurry pump impeller introduction

Posted by angroup on May 23, 2022

The impeller of a slurry pump is a rotating body with blades that transmits energy to the slurry and is the key component of a slurry pump.

There are various materials of the slurry pump impeller, commonly used are high chrome alloy impeller, rubber impeller and ceramic impeller


Centrifugal slurry pump impeller mainly has the following forms: closed impeller, semi-closed impeller, open impeller

Closed impeller: The impeller is a combination of a blade, a front cover and a rear cover. The front cover, the blade and the rear cover are joined together to form a casting.
This type of impeller is relatively efficient, but it is difficult to manufacture. It is most widely used in centrifugal pumps and is suitable for conveying clean water, solution and other non-particle cleaning liquids with small concentrations.

Semi-open impeller: generally consists of front and rear cover plates and blades, and the front and rear cover plates are separately cast. The efficiency of the impeller of this structure is generally low. In order to improve its working efficiency, it is necessary to add a sealing ring with adjustable clearance.
The semi-open impeller is generally suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solids such as solid particles and fibers. Due to its low manufacturing difficulty, low cost and strong adaptability, it has been gradually applied in centrifugal pumps for chemical and non-ferrous industries in recent years.

Open impeller: low efficiency, mainly used to transport slurry liquid with high concentration. The blades of the impeller are mostly rearward, and the cover is usually a curved surface.

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