Split Case Pump

split case pump
The split case pump is also named a double suction pump,that is suitable for pure water or liquids similar to water in the physical-chemical properties.
The casing is split axially, with opposing suction and discharge flanges
Suitable for electric motor or diesel engine drives
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Split case pump specification

Capacities: up to 14000 m³/h
Head: up to 108 m
Discharge: up to 48 inch
HP: up to 1250kw

Split case pump  material

Stainless Steel 205 304 316 316L
Cast iron
Ductile Iron

Double suction pump application

General water supply: Circulation of HVAC building systems, water booster service, boiler feed, general circulation service, and more.
Agriculture/food/beverage: Irrigation,water supply,food processing,beverage processing ,fertilizers
Manufacturing: Pulp and paper fans,plastic&rubber,metal&steel, pharmaceutical, paper mills, air wash, marine ballast service
Fire/disaster relief: Fire pumps,fire protection,flood control,disaster relief, federal/military.
Utilities Water: Power generation stations, desalination, energy recovery turbines
Chemical/mining: Chemical plants,refineries,petroleum distribution,coal sites,pumping.
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