Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump

slurry pump
Heavy duty pump in mine and mineral processing for anti-abrasive and anti-corrosion conditions work.
There are different types of seals including gland packing seal, expeller seal, and mechanical seal.
Suitable for electric motor or diesel engine drives
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Slurry pump specification

Capacities: up to 5000 m³/h
Head: up to 99 m
Discharge: up to 14 inch
HP: up to 1200kw

Slurry pump material

Natural rubber can work in the range of pH 1~13 in the range of service temperature.
High chromium metals can only work in the range of pH 5 ~ 12;
Special metal materials can work in the range of pH 1 ~ 14.

Slurry pump application

iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel, and all other ores and minerals are mined
Ball mill discharge/Rod mill discharge/Flotation/Tailings
Pulp and paper/Paper mill wastes and liquors/Plaster/Phosphoric acid
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