Pump Glossary C

Centrifugal pump

Moves liquid with centrifugal force. A centrifugal pump is one that uses the rotation of an impeller to impart energy into a liquid. 


Used to connect motor or diesel engine shafts together at their pump shafts. It transmits torque and compensates for axial growth, but not for radial misalignment.


Fluid flow measured in GPM, liters/min, M3/hr. etc.


Also called a pump selection curve, pump efficiency curve, or pump performance curve, a pump curve chart gives you the information you need to determine a pump's ability to produce flow under the conditions that affect pump performance
A typical composite curve includes the pump performance curves, horsepower curves, and NPSH required


The motor shaft and the pump shaft share the same centerline they are concentric to each other.

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistance refers to the resistance a material offers against a reaction with adverse elements that can corrode the material


Fluid in high-speed flow and pressure changes under the conditions, and fluid contact with the metal surface cavity-like corrosion damage phenomenon.
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