Pump Glossary B


Is a commonly used pressure unit  1MPa=10bar


The best efficiency point. It is the point where the power coming out of the pump (water horsepower) is the closest to the power coming into the pump (brake horsepower) from the driver.  the BEP determined by the pump test may be slightly different than the BEP indicated on the cataloged pump performance curve. In these instances, the difference may be due to slight variations in pump and impeller castings as well as the wear of pattern equipment over time


Brake horse power. The actual amount of horsepower being consumed by the pump as measured on a pony brake or dynamometer.


Supports the rotating shaft and allows it to turn with a minimum amount of friction. Could be either sleeve or anti-friction type

Bearing Lubrication

Horizontal centrifugal pump bearings may be lubricated with either grease or oil. Vertical pump bearings may be lubricated by the water being pumped (product water), an external source of water, oil, or less commonly grease.


A close-fitting support device is used to restrict flow between two liquids, thermally isolate a hot liquid, support the rotating shaft, break down pressure, etc. Commonly made of carbon or Teflon.

Base plate

The pump and motor mount on this unit. The pump and motor feet closest to the coupling should be dowelled to the base plate
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