Pump Glossary A


American National Standards Institute. A set of specifications conforms to the dimensional envelope described in the ANSI pump standard.

API 610

API, an acronym for the American Petroleum Institute.  API 610 is a pump standard for centrifugal pumps in the petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries.


The centerline of the pump is perfectly aligned with the centerline of the driver (usually an electric motor).

Affinity laws

The affinity laws are a set of formulas that predict the impact of a change in rotational speed or impeller diameter on the head and flow produced by a pump and power demanded by a pump


Connects and aligns the power end of an ANSI pump to the wet end


AOR, an acronym allowable operating range, is the portion of a pump curve determined by the pump manufacturer where the pump can be operated continuously without significantly affecting the performance or life of the pump

Anti-friction bearing

Usually referring to a ball or roller bearing

Air ingestion

Air is coming into the stuffing box because of a negative suction pressure
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