Mixed Flow Pump vs Axial Flow Pump

Posted by angroup on October 10, 2022
mixed flow water pump

The main difference between a mixed flow pump and an axial flow pump is that the liquid flows in different directions after passing through the impeller.
The mixed-flow pump is a combination of both axial and radial directions that forms an included angle with the center of rotation of the impeller.
Axial flow pumps keep axial flow parallel to the center of rotation of the impeller


A mixed flow pump is a centrifugal pump with a mixed flow impeller.

heavy duty pump

An axial flow pump is a large diesel or electric motor-driven impeller pump with a propeller. The pressure in the axial flow pump is created by the flow of liquid over the impeller blades, capable of moving large amounts of water at a relatively low head.


The performance characteristics of the axial flow pump are different from that of the mixed flow pump. The zero flow head of the axial flow pump can be three times the head of the pump at the optimum efficiency point. The power increases as the flow decreases, and the power consumption is the largest when it is turned off. This is in contrast to mixed-flow pumps, which require more power as flow increases
The axial flow pump can adjust the flow and head by changing the pitch of the impeller blades

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