Learn about centrifugal water pump idling

Posted by angroup on March 28, 2022
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What is centrifugal water pump idling

Centrifugal water pump idling usually refers to the situation where there is no water or more air enters the pump casing when the pump is running

The 4 causes of centrifugal water pump idling

  1. Inlet medium of the pump is not sufficient
  2. Inlet water pressure is not enough
  3. Blockage of water inlet pipe of the pump
  4. The air in the pump cavity is not exhausted

The harm of centrifugal water pump idling

  1. The idling pump is easy to cavitate and cause damage to the pump body and overflow parts.
  2. The idle pump mechanical seal form or packing seal form idle, will not get the liquid lubrication, resulting in dry wear, thus rapid damage
  3. Rotating pump rotor parts, the pump will be hot, no liquid cooling, by the role of thermal expansion and contraction of those narrow gap position (such as sealing ring) is easy to bite
  4. Idle multistage centrifugal pump balance plate without lubrication, balance plate will be burned to death soon damage

The early warning and maintenance of centrifugal pump idling

  1. Electric contact pressure gauge can be used to control, the principle is as follows, when the water pressure is relatively high, the pressure gauge pointer to raise, connected to the pump control line, the pump began to run, in order to prevent idling purposes
  2. Set up idling sensing system. Real-time monitoring of the pump by modern equipment. When the centrifugal pump is idling, it will immediately alarm and automatically shut down to protect the safety of the unit.
  3. Treat each gap position of the centrifugal pump and expand it under permissible conditions to prevent seizure;
  4. Special process for the shaft of the centrifugal pump, tempering, heat treatment, etc., to improve the hardness and use materials with low deflection to prevent the bite when idling with large swing
  5. Use the machine seal and packing cavity that do not need to rely on liquid medium lubrication
  6. Use closed self-lubricating bearings without oiling

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