Horizontal Split Case Pump Guide

Posted by angroup on September 26, 2022

What is a horizontal split case pump?

The horizontal split case pump (HSC pump) is a type of centrifugal pump in which the casing is divided into two different chambers, and the casing is vertically or radially separated on the shaft, from which its name is derived.


The impeller adopts a back-to-back design, which is like two impellers installed together in a double volute, so it is also called a double suction pump. This unique design is particularly suitable for high-flow applications and operates over a wide range of flow rates.


The detachable housing design makes it easier for technicians to access the inside of the pump. Without removing the motor or diesel engine, the rotor can be inspected and repaired quickly and easily as needed to maintain the stable operation of the pump.

Horizontal split case pump working principle

HSC pump follows the traditional centrifugal pump working principle, the impeller is connected to the motor or diesel engine through the drive shaft and rotates at high speed. The fluid enters the impeller eye, and the rotational motion of the impeller accelerates the fluid through the impeller blades and is discharged into the pump casing by centrifugal force along its circumference. The action of the impeller increases the velocity and pressure of the fluid and leads it to the pump outlet.

Horizontal split casing pump applications

General water supply: Circulation of HVAC building systems, water booster service, boiler feed, general circulation service, and more.
Agriculture/food/beverage: Irrigation,water supply,food processing,beverage processing ,fertilizers
Manufacturing: Pulp and paper fans,plastic&rubber,metal&steel, pharmaceutical, paper mills, air wash, marine ballast service
Fire/disaster relief: Fire pumps,fire protection,flood control,disaster relief, federal/military.
Utilities Water: Power generation stations, desalination, energy recovery turbines
Chemical/mining: Chemical plants,refineries,petroleum distribution,coal sites,pumping.

In order to adapt to different use environments and conveying media, he can choose from a variety of materials, common materials are Stainless Steel 205 304 316 316L Cast iron Bronze

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our split case pump summary


Capacities: up to 14000 m³/h

Head: up to 108 m

Discharge: up to 48 inch

HP: up to 1250kw

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