Fire fighting diesel end suction pump systems

Posted by angroup on August 11, 2022

Are you still worried about the supplier's delay in delivering the goods?

4 units of diesel end suction fire pumps were completed in 15 days. All of them made as tailor-made as requested by the customer, for easier, safer, faster installation and more efficient and performing work.

Flow: 345 m³/h
Head: 95m
Power: 175kw

Horizontal End-Suction fire pumps deploy a heavy-duty bearing frame to provide long and reliable service in an over-hung impeller design. The end-suction format eliminates the design layout

The fire fighiting pump appliction for fire-protection of buildings and other built infrastructure such as large hotels, hospitals, schools office buildings supermarkets, commercial residential buildings, metro stations, railway stations, airports, kinds of transportation tunnels, petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, terminals, oil depots, large warehouses, and industrial and mining enterprises, etc.


We like challenges, and the more complicated the challenges are, the more passionate we become, all AN PUMP Machinery team.

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