Factors affecting the price of slurry pumps

Posted by angroup on April 13, 2022

In the slurry pump market, there are many slurry pump manufacturers, and the price of slurry pumps is also varied, some tens of thousands, some only a few thousand dollars. What leads to such a huge gap, and how can buyers make the right choice? Here, I will briefly explain several factors that affect the price of the slurry pump so that you can better choose the right slurry pump supplier

Slurry pump selection

Under the same industrial and mining conditions, design and selection engineers from different slurry pump suppliers will choose different slurry pump models. Different models and different manufacturers have different materials, processes, and weights of slurry pumps, which leads to different prices of slurry pumps.

Material of slurry pump overflow parts

The most expensive parts of a slurry pump are the wear (end wet) parts, namely: the housing, frame and backplate, and the impeller. Usually, slurry pumps are made of Cr27, a high chromium wear-resistant alloy, and as long as this material is chosen, the basic price will not fluctuate too much because the cost is fixed, but many manufacturers have reduced the elemental content of the bill of materials to Cr20 or lower, with little or no nickel content

The weight of slurry pump parts

The design weight of the wearing parts (casing, frame and rear guard, impeller) in the slurry pump parts is determined according to the comprehensive consideration of the use cycle and so on. Many small factories will deliberately reduce the size of the mold in order to reduce costs. The original 150kg becomes 130kg or even lower. The cost of slurry pump parts is calculated based on material weight and processing cost. If the weight is reduced, the price can be much lower, and the whole pump price can be reduced even more, but the service life is shortened a lot, and many problems will occur in the operation of the project, which will lead to an increase in the whole operation cost

Heat Treatment

In order to make the slurry pump parts more flexible and wear-resistant corrosion-resistant need to be heat-treated twice, but for many manufacturers in order to reduce costs to reduce the process, the price will be reduced by a lot

Heat Treatment

Processing technology and assembly technology of slurry pump parts

Slurry pump parts are a relatively high precision process, and many manufacturers are unable to meet the precision requirements of the fittings due to manufacturing equipment or other reasons. Although it does not affect the appearance, it may have problems in use. In addition, the assembly and commissioning of the slurry pump are also very critical. The dynamic balance and static balance test of slurry pump accessories, as well as the assembly and test of slurry pump, require a large number of technicians and tools to achieve a qualified product

There are too many factors that determine the price of a slurry pump, it is impossible to list them all. I just hope that buyers will not blindly consider manufacturers from the perspective of price. They must know the principle of getting what you pay for

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