Common malfunction and solution of mining slurry pump

Posted by angroup on May 16, 2022
mining slurry pump

Common malfunction and solution of mining slurry pump mainly summarizes the problems often encountered in the process of using mining slurry pump

  1. Motor over current
    (1)The head of the pump is higher than the actual head of the pipe.
    (2) Friction between the impeller and the backplate.
    (3) Low efficiency of the motor
    (4) Bearing broke down
    (5) Non-concentricity of shaft and motor
    (1) Make the head low of the pump or turn down the valve of the outlet.
    (2) Adjust the direction of the impeller to make it well.
    (3) Replace with a high one.
    (4) Replace with a new bearing.
    (5) Adjust the concentricity of the two shafts.
  1. No-work when pump-start
    (1) Non-remove the air in the pump
    (2) Suction piping system intakes.
    (3) Air inflow into the shaft seal.
    (4) Blocked of a suction piping system or impeller
    (1). Increase breathing measurement.
    (2). Overcome intake reason.
    (3). Adjust the performance of the packing seal to ensure the yield and pressure of the water seal.
    (4). Eliminate the block.
  1. Low head of the pump
    (1) Lower head of pump than the actual head of the pipe
    (2) Lower NPSH of pipe than the must NPSH of the pump.
    (3) The inlet valve of the pump is not open or the valve is broken down
    (4) Suction piping system intakes
    (5) Suction piping system or the impeller blocked.
    (6) High density of slurry.
    (1) Improve the head of the pump.
    (2) Adjust the pipe equipment and make the Pipe NPSH bigger than the pumps. Or to replace it with a pump that can meet the NPSH requirement of pipe.
    (3) Open the valve and replace it with a new one.
    (4) Overcome the intake reason.
    (5) Eliminate the block.
    (6) Make the density low or replace it with a big pump of large bore
  1. Oscillation and the loud noise
    (1) Unstable installation of the pump or the pipe.
    (2) Pump is working under the cavitations condition.
    (3) Non-concentricity of pump and motor
    (4) Unbalance of the impeller and the coupler is out of tolerance.
    (5) Coupler elastic cushion broke.
    (6) Bearing broke.
    (7) Short supply of slurry
    (8) Mismatching of pipe and pump
    (9) Block of suction pipe or the impeller,
    (10) Air pocket in some parts.
    (1) Make it tight.
    (2) Adjust the performance of the pump and pipe to make the NPSH bigger than it must be one of the pumps.
    (3) Adjust the concentricity of the two shafts.
    (4) Make them balance
    (5) Replace with a new one.
    (6) Replace a new one.
    (7) Increase the quantity of slurry or turn down the valve of the outlet.
    (8) Adjust the pump to match the pipe.
    (9) Get rid of the block.
    (10) Add air evacuation value where the air pocket exists.
    (11) There are many reasons to cause the shake or noise, please solve according to the actual working condition.
  1. The slurry leak of shaft seal
    (1) No seal water or the small pressure of seal water.
    (2) Packing is not tight or installed incorrectly.
    (3) Packing broken.
    (4) Worn down heavily of a shaft sleeve
    (5) Unqualified machinery seal
    (1) Increase seal water or its pressure.
    (2) Adjust the packing to meet the sealing property, and install the packing with 4-5 pieces.
    (3) Replace it.
    (4) Replace it.
    (5) Reinstall.
  1. Grease leak of bearing assembly
    (1) Too much oil.
    (2) Uninstalled well of bear gland seal.
    (3) Oil leak of the pointer.
    (1) Add oil to the position of indication.
    (2) Install it correctly.
    (3) Install the oil pointer.
  1. Over hot of bearing
    (1) Mismatching of pump and pipe and shake, evacuation or cavitations.
    (2) Non-concentricity of shaft and motor
    (3) Coupler elastic cushion broke
    (4) Dirty grease or chamber intake slurry
    (5) Bearing assembly broke or abrasive heavy
    (1) Adjust the pump and pipe
    (2) Adjust the concentricity of the two shafts.
    (3) Replace with a new one.
    (4) Replace with new grease and keep the slurry from the chamber.
    (5) Replace with a new bearing or wash the chamber.
  1. Mining slurry pump does not absorb water
    (1) Air leakage at suction pipe or packing
    (2) The steering is not right or the impeller is damaged
    (3) The suction pipe is blocked
    (1) Block the leaking part
    (2) Check the steering and replace the impeller of the mining slurry pump.
    (3) Remove the blockage

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