Coal preparation plant slurry pumps

Posted by angroup on September 29, 2022

Coal washing is an important part of the coal mining process, which is the process of separating coal from other raw materials in order to obtain high-quality coal, which mainly relies on the movement of water and aggregates, and centrifugal slurry pumps are used in this process.

Selecting the correct slurry pump for coal washing plants is especially important. The AN PUMP Machinery technical team has extensive experience in slurry pumping and mining design, and we can provide wear-resistant pumping solutions specifically for your unique operating conditions. A good pumping system will minimize maintenance costs and downtime thus saving money and energy in a coal preparation plant.

AN PUMP slurry pumps are commonly used in the washing stage of coal and metal ores. The pumps are specially designed for the demanding conditions associated with mining and for easy maintenance. There are two types of slurry pumps commonly used in coal washing plants: horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps and vertical slurry pumps.


It is important to use a professional coal ash slurry pump

  1. The slurry pump has strong wear resistance.
  2. The slurry pump has a replaceable inner lining, all wear parts are made of wear-resistant material, usually high-chromium alloy, high-chromium ferroalloy is the most suitable material for coal application, with excellent wear resistance and good corrosion resistance

When purchasing a coal ash slurry pump, we should not only focus on the purchase price and initial efficiency, but more importantly, consider the life cycle cost, the energy cost of running the pump, and the cost of repair and replacement parts.

Selecting a slurry pump is looking for the most robust pump in terms of performance, wear resistance, power and maintainability. Basic factors to consider include
What is the required head and flow
What is the pumped medium
how to install
Is the maintenance convenient and the operation stable?
Friction losses due to piping configuration should also be considered.

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In the production of coal preparation plants, slurry pumps are not only widely used in the transportation of slurry such as coal slime, circulating water, coal slurry, and heavy medium suspension, but also as a classification (concentration) cyclone, (water) separation cyclone. Therefore, the maintenance of the slurry pump in the washing (separation) coal plant is very important, which directly affects the normal operation of the production system.

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