How to choose a slurry pump manufacturer?

Posted by angroup on March 31, 2022

A slurry pump is a solid-liquid mixed slurry conveying equipment often used to transport all kinds of highly abrasive slurry (mining iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel, and all other ores and minerals slurry), in the operation of the slurry pump of each overflow parts are subject to the slurry abrasion test. Therefore, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are necessary for a high-quality slurry pump.

The abrasion of the slurry pump is related to the size of the solid particles in the slurry and the pH value of the slurry. The use of different wear-resistant materials according to the properties of the slurry is the necessary technical support for the slurry pump factory

In order for the slurry pump to meet the working conditions and use safely, it becomes very important to choose a slurry pump supplier when purchasing a slurry pump. How to choose a suitable slurry pump manufacturer?

01 Good communication skills because timely and effective communication is the cornerstone of cooperation. Only after understanding the slurry pump use conditions and media-related information, manufacturers can provide a reasonable slurry pump selection design

02 The best supplier is a manufacturer with several years of experience in slurry pump production, from casting, heat treatment, machining, assembly, testing to painting and packaging the entire process of slurry pump parts

03 Slurry pump models are complete, we can provide different forms of slurry pumps, such as horizontal slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, submersible slurry pump


04 There are enough pump spare parts in stock, which have been dispatched by customers at any time

05 Experience in exporting industrial slurry pumps to many countries, understanding the whole export and transportation process, familiar with the buyer's market, different countries with different voltage

06 Reasonable prices can be offered
Chinese manufacturers' costs have been rising in recent years, mainly because this
A. labor costs are rising.
B. Material costs are rising.
C. appreciation of the RMB.
D. stricter environmental policies and production restrictions
All factories are affected by these cost increases, and if slurry pump manufacturers are offering prices well below average, special attention should be paid to whether the factory is cutting back on something that really affects quality, or if it is not the true price.

07 Factories with in-depth cooperation provide supporting equipment for slurry pumps, such as pipe fittings, valves, mining machinery, etc., to achieve one-stop service and save customer procurement costs

The future of business is no longer a competition between companies, but competition in the supply chain. Strong suppliers are your recipe for beating the competition.

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