Centrifugal water pump installation and use guide

Posted by angroup on March 3, 2022

The quality of centrifugal pump installation directly affects the efficiency of pump use, service life, economic efficiency, and the safety of the person and the unit, and must be given full attention.

Centrifugal water pump installation and use guide

Selection of water pump installation location

In the case of ensuring safety, install the pump as close to the water source and steep slope as possible to shorten the length of the inlet and outlet pipes and reduce unnecessary bends and joints, so as to reduce the possibility of air leakage and head loss.

The vertical height of the pump from the river surface or the water surface of the inlet pool must be less than the maximum allowable suction head of the pump at the driest water level and not flood the unit in the flood season

The foundation where the pump is installed should be solid and dry so that the pump will not sink and the motor will be damp due to vibration during operation.

The location where the pump is installed should have sufficient workspace for disassembly and overhaul

Installation of water pump and motor or diesel engine connection

Before installing the coupling or belt, check that the steering of the drive is correct and look at the pump for clockwise rotation It is strictly prohibited reverse operation! Otherwise, there will be great damage to people and equipment.

When the water pump is directly connected to the motor or diesel engine, it must use the integral base and pay attention to the flat base

For units directly connected by coupling, the pump and drive shaft must be concentric to prevent damage to the machine parts due to vibration.

When using a belt-drive, the tight side of the belt should be at the bottom and the loose side should be at the top.

Installation of water pump and inlet and outlet pipe

The inlet pipe support must be firm and cannot fall on the pump, and the joints should be strictly sealed and should not leak.

The elbow cannot be directly connected with the pump inlet, and a straight pipe with a length of about 3 times the diameter must be installed, otherwise, the water flow at the water inlet of the pump will be disturbed and the efficiency of the pump will be affected

The inlet pipe with a bottom valve should be installed vertically if it must be installed obliquely due to terrain limitation, the angle with the water surface should be more than 45 degrees, and the direction of the valve shaft pin should be in the horizontal direction, so that the bottom valve can not be closed or closed tightly, affecting the work of the pump.

Use of centrifugal pumps


Before starting the pump, check whether the bolts at each fastening are loose, whether there are abnormal noises, whether the lubrication parts have sufficient oil, etc., so as to exclude possible problems as early as possible to avoid losses.

Turn the shaft by hand in the direction of rotation of the pump, Should be able to drive the impeller shaft rotation, there should be no friction


Before starting the pump, the pump body and inlet pipe filled with liquid, close the gate valve and outlet pressure gauge, after the pump is running normally, slowly open the outlet pipe valve and pressure gauge.

Regularly check the bearing assembly operation. If the bearing heats up at the beginning of the operation, the pump can be stopped and the bearing can be cooled and then run again. If the bearing is still serious heat, the temperature continues to rise, the maximum temperature must not exceed 80 ℃. The bearing assembly must be dismantled to check the cause. General bearing heat is caused by excess oil or impurities in the oil. The amount of bearing oil is based on the oil level in the middle of the oil window. After the oil level is lower than the centerline of the oil window, add oil immediately.

Stop the pump

Before stopping the pump shutoff gate valves, the pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

When the pump is used during the winter season, it is necessary to drain the medium in the pump after stopping it to prevent frost cracking.

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