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The ADT axial pump is a single stage vertical axial flow pump that can transport clean water, sewage water, rain water, and corrosive liquids. The transmission temperature should not exceed 50 °C. This vertical axial pump is a high flow, low head pump that is widely used in agricultural irrigation, water conservation, urban water supply, drainage and sewage treatment, power plants, salt factories, and farms for transporting recycled water. ADT axial pumps can also be used in metallurgy, chemical, and other industries. The axial pump is installed vertically, with the inlet vertically downward and the outlet horizontally extending. The pump and motor are mounted on separate foundations. In addition, the pump uses rubber guiding bearings. The packing seal is typically used for the seal.

Vertical axial pump data

Capacities: up to 10000 m³/h
Head: up to 10 m
Pump size: up to 800 mm
HP: up to 280 kw

Axial flow pump features

The ADT Axial Pump employs the most recent excellent hydraulic model, with a wide range of high efficiency, consistent performance, and low cavitation resistance.
The impeller is precisely cast with a wax mould, has a smooth and unobstructed surface, identical accuracy of the cast dimension to that in design, greatly reduced hydraulic friction loss and shocking loss, a better impeller balance, and is 3-5% more efficient than common impellers.


Transmission alternatives include a motor via coupling and a diesel engine via pulley belt.

Water lubrication ensures that there is no pollution to the river or pool.

The length of the pump is usually alternated by one or two connecting columns. If necessary, three columns are possible.


The ADT series axial pump is designed for pumping pure water or liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to pure water. Hydraulic projects, farmland irrigation, industrial water transportation, city water supply and drainage, and water allocation are all common uses.
Medium temperature: ≤50℃
PH value of medium: between 5~11

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