800mm diameter large volume heavy duty mixed flow pump

Posted by angroup on August 5, 2022
large mixed flow pump

A mixed flow pump is a centrifugal pump with a mixed flow impeller. The mixed flow pumps designed and manufactured by An Pump machinery are able to guarantee optimum performance in any application sector. These pumps are for applications with high flow, low-pressure requirements.

Recently, 5 large mixed-flow pumps have been completed. Can you imagine how big these pumps are?
Q=4700-7100m3/h, H=8-15m, Inlet/outlet diameter: 800mm, with a height of 2050mm, unit weight of 9 tons

heavy duty pump
mixed flow pump
mixed flow water pump

Delivery of mixed flow water pumps

5 units finished within 30 days.

We like challenges, and the more complicated the challenges are, the more passionate we become, all AN PUMP Machinery team

All of them are made as tailor-made as requested by the customer, for easier, safer, faster installation and more efficient and performing work.

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