3 Main Factors To Consider When Select an Irrigation Pump

Posted by angroup on September 24, 2021

Water is the source of life
The pump brings water to where it is needed
Diesel engine water pumps are ideal for working in situations where electricity is unavailable or may be interrupted
This diesel engine irrigation water pump from An pump machinery, help our customer irrigation their fields.

Although this is a small project for us, we still take the big project as seriously as it is. Irrigation pump system designers still consider many factors, of which 3 main factors are as follows:

  1. Pressure on the irrigation system
    The design purpose of the irrigation system is to provide the correct amount of water to maintain the vitality of the plants, so it is necessary to consider whether the customer's irrigation method is watering or drip irrigation. The two methods have different requirements for the pump outlet pressure. The role of the pump in the irrigation system is very important. , Pressure is an important consideration for pumps
  2. Flow rate and head of irrigation pump
    When calculating the required head, it is necessary to consider the pipe damage to ensure that the pressure at the spray gun of the irrigation system is sufficient. When calculating the flow rate, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the customer and complete the irrigation task within a certain period of time.
  3. Client's budget
    Different budgets will result in different design schemes for the irrigation system. The irrigation system design engineer of Anpun Machinery will design the most reasonable irrigation system according to the customer's budget and irrigation requirements to meet customer needs and save costs for customers .
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