8 mistakes easily made in the use of centrifugal pumps

Excellent engineering design, proper pump selection, and proper application of pumping technology cannot overcome the hazards that improper use may bring to the pump system, here are 8 easy to make mistakes in the use of centrifugal pumps. 01 High head pumps for low head working conditions Many people believe that the lower the pump […]

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Understanding Cavitation and NPSH (net positive suction head)

Table of content What is cavitationHow does cavitation occurWhat is the suction range?What is NPSH(net positive suction head)NPSH(net positive suction head) Related TermsWhat is the difference between NPSHr and NPSHaThe result of cavitation in the centrifugal pumpMeasures to prevent cavitation What is cavitation Cavitation is a phenomenon in which vapor bubbles are generated in a […]

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